You will want to keep on hand by ledbathr
October 17th, 2018, 3:03 am
Rubber Boots

Along with being an electrical insulator (will prevent electrocution), rubber boots will keep you, for the most part, dry. If you were to put yourself into this very unfortunate scenario, do you really think you would be able to remember and collect all the tools "lying around the house. If you find yourself having to deal with many things at once, you can simply place the documents on blotch paper, and leave them to air dry, while you move on to another area.With so many American families dealing with water damage each year (currently 22% of households), it is imperative for every home to be equipped with the essentials for starting a water damage restoration.


You will want to keep on hand a mid range dehumidifier that has many automatic functions. You will find that many of the tools and supplies you will need are already lying around the house.

Mop & Bucket

The most efficient way to mop up large amounts of water is to buy a mop handle that has a quick release. This is a staple in the water damage restoration toolbox. When you walk into a flooded home your mind will be moving a mile a minute. Try and keep 4-5 mop heads on hand along with a bucket/ringer combo.


Keep 5-10 towels rolled up in your water damage restoration toolbox. Even with a ringer on the mop bucket, you will find, especially if you are dealing with dirty water that the mop head doesn't last terribly long. You will appreciate having these while you work through a flooded home. Water damage restoration is generally a long process, as your main ally is time. Many have an auto turn off feature, so you can set it in the flooded area, and then move on while the sump pump works as a second water damage restoration employee."

If you can, you should purchase everything on this list, and put them in a central location, where they will not become wet during a flood, and will also be accessible for ANY water damage restoration projects.
. This will allow you to setup LED G4 Light Suppliers your dehumidifier and then move on to other areas in the house.

Although this can be a little money saver for you, you may also find that buying everything new is a wiser, and safer way to go.

Blotch Paper

Your personal documents and photographs are among the first things you will want to focus your attention on. To do this, you should have a long enough hose to run the water at least 20 feet away from the house, in a spot that runs downhill. This is the function of a sump pump. These will also be essential in the clean up process.

Sump Pump

Water damage restoration is in large part removing water. Don't forget to check the unit regularly while it is running so you can change the water as soon as the container becomes full. If the cause of your flood is a drain, then you may need to run the water out through the window.